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Originally Posted by MagSec4 View Post
DoC: No, you're not too young to go to meetings
In fact, when you're done with everything tonight you be sure to be online at 4:30am, eastern standard time, for our semi-annual DT forum meeting. And remember, you're late: you're out!
There will be crackers and pie, and I think plintus and a circus freak are giving out fellatios at the end, for those of you who stick around.
I laughed when I read this. I may be up at 4:30 AM. College + slight insomniac +job at my university that occasionally has me working at 4AM = I don't sleep very well any more, heh. I'll be there for pie. And plintus. And the circus freak. Simultaneously.

Originally Posted by Siren View Post
i'm so drunk i can't read the post above. but i outbid the old chick for 200$.
However, I laughed harder when I read that. My computer goes off when I drink. Not that what you wrote is bad, but I've seen the hilarious horror that is drunken forum posting (as many have), and embarrassing personal feelings can lead to silly internet drama. Then again, there are those with no shame.
Tired of waiting for Wednesday.

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