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I am in a band called Ediseas. It's my band i formed with bassist from an older band where we played together too. We are very in the beginning and aren't that good with our instruments yet. Im playing drums just about 2years but I allready feel like it's something I love the most. Our style is Progressive metal. We do a Steel Prophet cover, A Passage of Time and some other cool stuff like Rush, DT, Megadeth and ofcourse we have our own material.

At one point we had the most talented quitarist in our town, but he is much older than us so he dont have much time to play with us. Right now im searching for mucisians and there are few people who might join us. A Ray Alder alike vocalist and quitarist who isn't much worst than the first one, maybe even better and he is very nice person. (But he has John Petrucci virus)
And i will send here the SP cover when its recorded.
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