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lolololol..... and then there is me, who keeps hearing bits of the Flyleaf song, singing along and then saying 'CAN WE UNLOCK THAT ONE YET?!' XD

So yeah.

I am the proud co-owner of Rock Band, WHOO! I was selling some things on ebay and they started getting kinda high $$ so I told myself that if I was so very lucky as for the bids to reach the cost of Rock Band, I would get it for myself and my boyfriend as a christmas present. The bids actually went I think $20-30 *over* what the cost was so I preordered it from Amazon. Then.... I kept getting emails about delays. DELAYS DELAYS DELAYS! I actually got a message that there was another delay and it wouldn't arrive until the 7th, but after that one that said it had shipped and would arrive on the 3rd. Came home from work, and there it was <3 Unfortunately though, the external box, the tape was slit halfway and it was lighter than I thought it would be so I had a miniheart attack thinking it was stolen, but everything was in place and works perfectly.

We've been rocking through easy mode with 95-99%s but medium killed Chris on the drums. I don't notice the noise of them at all but that's because I'm too busy barking and meowing along where I'm supposed to say 'yeah yeah!' to the audience.

WE NEED MORE GIRL SONGS. Yeah, it'll let me sing it up an octave but the songs on there tend to me at just the wrong notes so it's a hair too low to comfortably sing at it's octave and it's a hair too much if I sing it up the octave. Oh well, the rhythm has been easy enough to pick up and on easy mode I can just sing 'blkjdfksdjfsdkfa fadkjfdskjf dfkjdfjk' and still get points XD;; It also turns out that I'm familiar with more of the songs than I thought so that helps.

It makes me crave one of the kareoke games but you know, the whole fun is playing as a team..... kareoke would just be me and I can do that in my car for free :P

I'm enjoying Ballroom Blitz WAYYYYYY too much

I am kinda sad that it's the ps2 version and thus no downloading of's hoping the ps3 sales suck so bad that they put out the download songs on disk for us ps2 owners to buy. I know they are TALKING about it coming out for wii but who knows how long it'll be before that happens.

I'm enjoying the game in general way too much.... I got home from work and we must have played 4 hours.... sleep before my next shift? who needs that.....

For xmas I got Warioware and Ravvin Rabbids as well. Warioware has been a lot of fun but more for a group (good because Chris and I are rather solitary and own mostly one player games ;p it's nice to have some we can play together). Ravvin Rabbids I've only played once so far and it's pretty funny, the minigames are much less manic than warioware though!

The second player ability in Mario Galaxy is pretty cheap, but I don't care... it's fun to have a little assistance and the levels are so fantastically creative and bizarre, the physics are so well-developed... it's a whole lot of fun.
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