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Originally Posted by En Vind Av Sorg View Post
I don't think he comes across as whiny, he could do with more charisma though I agree. It's really just sad because his views are so much more logical (in most cases) than the majority of other candidates, yet you know he has a snowballs chance in hell of winning. I applaud him for staying in the game, if only to try to push his message to anyone willing to listen.
I always have this vision in my head of the cold war days ... where i imagine presidents of different countries are in the same room in a stare down of sorts. Where your balls have to show ... where the opposite party doesn't quite know how crazy you are. I want the US President to have these qualities ... and he HAS to have them. He can't be just some straight shooting panzy looking dude (or woman).

Hillary comes across more of a killer than Paul for Pete's sake
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