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Warioware and Ravin Rabbids need better second player modes and more quickly available. Those are great games to have battles in but nooooooooo...........

Rock Band... the drumming is a lot of fun. Guitar is pretty much like Guitar Hero. I finally decided to try the singing on medium.... It...didn't seem any different than easy... so I tried it on hard....which...doesn't really seem any different. I'm still getting 95%+ on songs even if the first time I heard them was while playing this game ^_~ Haven't tried expert yet.

hehehhe...and I did the tutorial..and learned the parts I've been barking/meowing are suppoed to be percussion beats where you slap the mic..... BARKING IS MORE FUN OKAY.

Oh and I looked at the downloadable content to cry over what I was missing out on. lololool...not much >_>
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