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^Thats what I was complaining about, I just fucking hate my country. English is not that difficult, and becomes very useful when travelling. I hope I can visit Finland some day and be sure that if we met on the way, I won't start screaming in spanish,

WARNING: Following part in catalÓn (my mother tongue) just to answer rayden_ad, skip it

Originally Posted by rayden_ad View Post
TambÚ parles valenciÓ ?
Meh, aix˛ no existeix, i mira que jo vinc d'allÓ noi, que soc de Castellˇ, pero es un invent per a ganyar vots e intentar separar dues comunitats,
El catalÓ es la llengua originÓria i d'on venen la resta de variants, inclosa la que jo parle, per mÚs que visque a la Comunitat Valenciana(i bÚ que em fot, ). Dubto que l'Inhe en parli perque els seus familiars sons de Sevilla i Madrid, i per allÓ de catalÓ i valenciÓ poc, es com parlar-ne de l'anticristo, . De totes maneres no parlem mÚs del tema que no te res a veure amb el Guitar Player's Thread i sol ho entendrem tu i jo,
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i never quite understood why everyone starts hating these kinds of bands when they stop sucking yngwie cock.
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When attempting to express a point in an elaborate manner it should be flowing and quick to read, now excuse me while I go clean my monocle and buy a tophat.
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