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The thing I found most disturbing about the whole Mass Effect mess was Lawrence FREELY ADMITTING that she had NEVER PLAYED THE GAME. And that was totally okay with the newscrew, she had no sense of embarrassment at all.

It just amazes me that you can go through school here and fail for writing a paper without having read the book, you're told how to document sources and present the most accurate unbiased picture.......... and yet the mass media pays people to do the opposite. It's like, the more sensational and dishonest the better. It's amazing the amount of newsclips you can look up on youtube that are so bizarre and outlandish and false you'd think they were intentionally being comedic.

Geez, even over here on OSA if someone started mouthing off about an album they'd never listened to no one would take their opinion seriously, yet Lawrence gets to go on national news?

I need to play Portal....

I need to play earthbound too....I was going to start playing on at work but work has started to be verra verra busy, no time!
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