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Originally Posted by <-Warheart-> View Post
I'm gonna make a few comments:

1. I think the intro has at least four guitars. Two rhythm, one lead panned centre and another lead panned right.

2. For some reason, the A chord cuts out in bar 9 because you're using a dotted crotchet. If you tie your notes like I do, it doesn't happen.

3. The last note in bar 3 on "Git 1" is the 2nd fret on the low E and 3rd fret on the A. The two chords in the bar imply Fmaj and Cmaj/E. The 3rd fret on the A string is the C (root) and the E on the 6th string is the E (maj3rd) in the bass. Very common in classical music and with people like Yngwie Malmsteen. Check mine and Epi's tabs to see what I mean.

I also think that I may have a few small errors that I'll need to correct before advancing.
1. i wasn't sure about this but maybe you're rigtht

2. uh, yes, you're right but it only happens when I convert the gp5 into gp4. don't know why the note sounds like a dotted note after converting...

3. sorry bit I don't know what you mean. are you sure you mean bar 3?
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