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Originally Posted by Corny View Post
Does this count for me too? Since today, I can finally use the PX4D and rerecorded my solo. I obviously haven't found a good tone on the Pandora yet (this needs some time), but I would be happy if I don't miss a forum jam.

I always thought you didn't add stuff after the deadline?
Yeah. When can you send it? I've saved the CEP file to prepare myself for correcting Conti's, adding Pheonix's and now adding yours. I'd rather do 'em all at once.

And to to last bit, I don't usually add people after...the answer is I don't...usually. But I really enjoyed Conti's solo so I think I owe him for that, Pheonix has an awesome RG770 and Corny always wrote a killer solo for the 1st forum jam. I just wanna hear what he can do for this one.

And also, Pheonix has already recorded he said, he just couldn't get it to me in time.
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