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I had a dream about Novembre

Hi all
Friday 8.2.2008 I had a strange dream about Novembre
"Novembre plays concert by a river, the banks with no sand just a small stones. There is no audience just me and my friend. Guiseppe has borrowed his drums (although in a real world he is guitarist ) I actually remember only two last songs from that gig: 'Winter 1941' and 'The Dream Of Old Boats'. I just remember myself crying "the mighty of a boat, the art of its misery". Great concert.
We are in a room (still by the river). My friend is sleeping on a bed in a corner and i am helping guys from the band with their package. First is Massilmiliano, then i'm carrying Giuseppe's drum-sticks (some of them are black, other brown) and pleasing him to sign one of them for me. He says "OK". Next is Carmelo, i'm asking him to sign the stick too, but he says "Oh no", he seems not to have 'a big star' attitude, rather shy. I say to him "I really like your lyrics and your music is something deeper for me, not just an entertainment. After that he signs my stick. And I'm awake."
And that's all folks he he.
P.S. I wish i could dream it again...
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