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Originally Posted by Awake_In_Animosity View Post
I have worked in sales for over 15 years. Some advice, don't do it.
My advice is if it is what you really yearn to do go for it.

AIA did not like it but it doesn't mean everyone will have the same experience.

It depends on the job, for instance, cold canvassing does take a very determined person with a lot of persuasive skill, someone who can handle rejection.

If your market is ready and waiting then it will be easier, it all depends on what sales role you get.

I'm involved with the estimating department of a company and I find it enjoyable, it's all about quoting a project at the right price for the client and beating your competition. It is tricky though, you can make money and you can lose 'big' money for your company if you don't get it right.

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