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Yes my son Spider is suckzor!! I am playing through my peavey and it pisses me off. I want MY RANDALL NOW!!!!! The peavey is just so noisy and is starting to bug me. I will get a good 220€ for it if i sell it tho. A + is that i can brag about it being discontinued

@Failure:Yeah...i really want that guitar but a EMG HZ is such a no no that it needs SD immediately. I can sell the EMG HZ and thats a fuckin big plus. I will just state its the same pickup as in alek c signature guitars and it will go fast like fucking fuck...or if they have changed out EMG HZ to SDs by then i will say its the one he USED to have It's a very good price for such a guitar(the edwards)...i really want one Oh and cool you tried the Mesa...I would want to try some marhsalls because thats where im heading next(i think)

EDIT: AND WTF IS UP WITH ME AND THE "" PICTURE?! There was like 5 of them in my message
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True Black Metallers don't even record their music, they just play it in deep ravines so the true fans can listen to the echoes.
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america, land of waffles and pron

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