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Originally Posted by children of COB View Post
The band would be better without the singer, just instrumental,

Bassist and guitarist on the right are awesome,
yeah the guitar dude is prolly the best around, he's self-taught
i think the singer is out of the band now (not really sure about it)

Originally Posted by Ruins View Post
i don't like their tone either but it works live, its noticeable and some what clear
about the keyboardist his lead sound sounds like nintendo to me
i agree with the keyboard thing, maybe its the shitty camera mic, i dunno

Originally Posted by inhe View Post
I don't think that's the live sound, i think they just dubbed it over a live vid, i could be wrong, but it's out of sync alot.

Exactly what i like about it, you can hear everything.
the sound is live too, i think the fucker that edited the vid fucked up at some parts.
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If the other person doesnt want sex its rape
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The prisoner should work to earn money for his bread and water and a warm blanket.
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