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Originally Posted by Virtuoosi View Post
I don't know if you understood me right, but;

I think someone will invent in the future a machine or program, that can make your playing clean on live shows. Something like it wont let out any notes which are not meant to be played on that part of the song. Or something in the lines of that. Get what I mean?

And the fact that things get more automated/humans replaced by machines on some things. And I believe that in the future something like that could happen that most music is made by programs and the real musicians aren't appresiated anymore at all.
this machines exist already now days and they called DJs, Trance music (which is total crap), Keyboards and keyboardists... they just push button or even not let midi file run the script

Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
Eugh, technofreaks' wet dream.

I see the wide range of use, but its not for me. I HAVE worked with recordings, but i'd still rather be an elitist and rerecord it.

But from a technological point of view: Woaaaah...
i see it as the perfect solution for vocals, backing vocals and all the choir effect solution for recordings
and woaah it is indeed

me playing your lick.
well... attempt
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