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Yes,they call me Aki too.
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Originally Posted by vespiz View Post
I'm really really bad at estimating.. 100 max?
Pollution, you were there?
Yeah not exactly a big crowd.. I'd guess 150, I'd say the main reason for the small crowd was Wednesday as the gig day since not many people outside Tampere made it there in middle of the week. The show kicked ass though. I believe Helsinki tonight will have a good size crowd.

Yup the new tune they played is called Fear, excellent stuff. Other than that one, all the other tunes have been played often before.

Thorn23TX: Yeah, the plan is to make it to PPUSA this year, will be about having the time&money for it as always.

Vespiz: I do believe I briefly said hi to you last night, at the lobby when the EG guys were around, you were probably too happy to get to chat some with them to remember me hehe.

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