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Meg Baird - Dear Companion

Dear Companion
River Song
The Cruelty of Barbary Allen
Do What You Gotta Do
Riverhouse in Tinicum
The Waltze of the Tennis Players
Maiden in the Moor Lay
Sweet William and Fair Ellen
All I Ever Wanted
Willie O' Winsbury

Oh no! Not more American music! Sorry Europeans and Euro-fellators, more Americans stealing music. This time, literally. Most of this album of folk is of the British Indie Folk variety, and not only that, all but a couple songs are covers. Meg Baird is from the amazing psych-folk band Espers, which some of you may remember from a previous recommendation round (though it wasn't I that recommended it). I'm not very familiar with this sub-genre, so forgive me for not including any relevant comparisons, nor telling you how these covers compare to the originals. The whole of the material on this CD was new to me. Despite it largely being covers it flows very well and feels like a complete and unified album.

My last recommendation was of something I'm not a big fan of myself but thought others would like. That seems to have been proved a lackluster idea so here's the opposite: something I really enjoy but figure few others around here will. Let's see how this one goes.
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