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First post since October 2007. Hi, guys!

What are your OTHER favorite bands?
Sonata Arctica, Elvenking, Dragonland, Turisas, and Skyclad. I could probably think of more, but those were the first off my head.

What OTHER bands got you into the metal scene and around when?

The first 'metal' song I ever remember hearing was Kalmah's "Dance of the Water" in the beginning of 2002 after getting digital cable (oooh, new technology) and they had a metal channel - channel 510. I was hooked, I watched it all the time/had it in the background when doing other stuff. From there, I branched out and found Sonata Arctica and I've been listening to power metal for the last six years.

How and when did you get into Kiuas, and what sets Kiuas above and beyond those other guys?

This is why I'm posting. Sir Adam Fiske introduced to Kiuas right when they came out. . .I don't remember if it was via his radio show or by sending me the album (I forget which came first), but I've been hooked ever since. I don't really post here anymore, but I've been listening to the new stuff a lot recently and decided to venture back
We set out on a journey to get all the rare EPs and everything and Mr. Fiske and I have been fanboys since then.

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