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Originally Posted by Celtik Militia View Post
Perhaps we coined feminism, sure.. but i wouldn't say its very french. France is one of the last western european countries to grant the "right of vote" to women. Even the turks beat us to that.. that is if my memory serves me correctly.
I'm not blaming it on you or anything...I support equal rights for women - I just think it should stop there. It's surprisingly acceptable in America for a woman to make comments about men that if a man made about women would get him slapped.

same here dude.. same here.. when I point out in a random conversation that most delinquants are arabs it shocks everyone.. i gotta put things straight and ask them to stop being hypocrits for them to finally admit that they know i'm right.
Well, I don't try to get up in people's faces about it, and I'm not a racist. Black people are more likely to mug me. That doesn't mean they will. But a lot of people at my school complain about the "racial divide" because black kids hang with black kids, asian kids hang with asian kids, and white kids hang with white kids (mostly - there's a ton of mixing and there's absolutely no stigma, perceived or real). To which I say, no fucking shit they hang with people who they grew up with, who they live near, of the same race etc.

Anyhow, people are starting to get annoyed and we stopped arguing about France, so we should probably either give this up or create a new thread for it.
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