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Originally Posted by Phelice View Post
Did you ever notice that this rap crap is only being heard by teenagers? At least I don't know any grownups that do. Or is that just coincidence?
I am listening to rap music and metal, so if you would call a 19year old a grownup... there are lots of grownups listening to good rap music, but we donīt have to talk about bushido and co.
And I am feeling the same love for my rap cds than for my metal cds.
Funny, I just burned a cd including some songs of Windir, Army Of Pharaos, Carnifex and Dre, bad musical taste for you? I dont give a fuck, I grew up with so many musical influences and I am happy about that. I would never give away these experiences for beeing "metal" or sth. else.

P.S I am open for any good discussion
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