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What are your OTHER favorite bands?
Children of Bodom
(no particular order)

What OTHER bands got you into the metal scene and around when?

The first metal band i liked and still love were Metallica. First heard European/Power metal back on 2005 and Children of Bodom's 'Follow the reaper'

How and when did you get into Kiuas, and what sets Kiuas above and beyond those other guys?

Erm, only heard of them when they were announced as the Support for Children of Bodom at the London astoria Gig back in march, looked them up on myspace. i loved what i heard and they were great at the gig.

To bandmembers of Kiuas: i'd like to know what Ilja thought of London's ales, as me and a couple of mates had a photo with him just before he left
"You think that when you go to come to us!"
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