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Wtf Am I on drugs?

My point in general was that everything remotely connected to the music industry is a tremendous fucking ripoff and it just disappoints me when people as eminent as Jimmy Barnes go on record in the paper (yesterday) and hassle people for downloading when, as cliched as it sounds, the people who are filthy thieving bastards are the ones who Barnes et al signed their contracts with.
Maybe, but the point that Barnes and the others were making is that the mug punter is under the impression that rock stars are rich, therefore it doesn't matter if you steal their music, and also that making, writing and recording music somehow doesn't cost anything and it's all some kind of free ride. The "Money for Nothing" mentality. That's just not the case as most of us here would appreciate. The record companies will always find a way to adapt to shifts in the market but it's the artists that really suffer, especially the smaller less established ones. People like Barnes and Metallica don't need to ever record another thing, or if they do they can virtually give away what they make, but most bands floating around on airplay lists and record charts still have massive debts to pay off and the ones that haven't quite made it yet are even more up the shit chute if their songs are being downloaded for free. The record labels can get their money from somewhere else; the bands can't.
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