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So... I have been reading until half of Celtik's post but I have to get rid of this here before I go on... Prolly more shit to come out of my head after I read on

Amon666... I wish I had YOUR problems, really... I mean WTF???
You see, I work at the animal shelter here, and I every day I see humans fucking the basic needs of animals like a piece of shit... maybe my point of view grew more acute since I have my "new" job in january, but I always respected animals higher than humans, because it IS as Beave said: They ARE the better species, because they don't care a fucking shit about stuff like immigrants or computers or fashion or whatever silly, childish stuff this human race is making the center of their lifes. Including me.
Don't get me wrong, I am not THAT anti-human, I help people when there is need and stuff... but that's again the point: they shit your head as saying thank you. Rescue a dog or a cat that has been crashed by a car, he/she will be thankful until the end of his/her life.

Anyway, about that fucking immigrant-"problem": In my humble opinion, it is not a good idea to migrate to a country of another culture, especially when the cultural differences are as huge as between muslims and christians. You guys will never find the least common denominator. I see it like that: Christians are radical hypocrital asshole pretenders, and muslims are radical anti-everything-that-is-not-like-us-assholes. Get along with it, you will never fit together.
No matter if you are religious or not, you are from different cultures. Unless you are very tolerant, you won't become friends. But why should you anyway.

Gosh now I know what Beave feels like when he is trying to explain what he means...

Beave: Oh you crack me up!. You and your phelice-isms..
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