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Ok, I'll try to introduce myself.

29 from Oslo Norway.
Living with my redheaded girlfriend whom I've known for 13 years or so, but only lived with for 2 years.

I'm now finished my education as a nurse..male nurse yes. No sweet nurse here..!

Other than that I love physical activities of most sorts. As I'm reaching for 30 years of age, frisbeegolf is becoming a loved sport. Not very physical in the heavy workout kind of way, but great fun fun in the sun sun..(spot the red dwarf ref?)
Love good humour like Eddie Izzard or Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks, Blackadder, Spaced, Family Guy etc..

Always been very depressive music wise. Didn't pay much attention to Katatonia before The Last Fair Deal Gone Down came out. Loved it, but already had My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Cradle Of Filth, Lisa Germano, Elend, *insert random black metal band here* and the likes to satisfy my dark urges which sort of made Katatonia not interesting enough. I however bought Viva Emptiness when it came out and instantly hated it because it didn't sound anything like The Last Fair Deal Gone down. 3 years later an old internet friend from the MDB forum said to me that I really should check out the new Kat album..and I reluctantly did. Suddenly TGCD became gold and it also suddenly translated VE into gold too..and well, the rest is history. I've been listening to Katatonia nonstop for 2 years now more or less. Only Paradise Lost comes close to Katatonia right now.

I've been a great fan of many genres of music, but metal is the genre that seems to be closest to my heart still. Prog rock music was my obsession three years ago. Before that it was EBM/industrial music and before that goth music and before that Black metal..and before that Roxette?

Other than that...well...I can be quite the forum whore..and yes, if I provoke you, it's only because I'm bored. I'm mostly a very nice reflected guy..but I tend to want to get some friction in a forum. Without friction things just aren't as interesting.

I can be found at facebook in the official Kat forum there.
Babies are like poems. They're beautiful to their creator, but to other people they're silly and fucking irritating. -Doug Stanhope

Got the cd 12.11.09. Happy now...not sure what I think yet. If it's Good, Great or Super duper great.
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