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bass solo, take one
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Originally Posted by Pђoenix View Post
Ouch! Same story for me for the past week or so only with physics, studying is such a bastard I rarely get to pick up my guitar. I get a break from studying for the summer but work will shit all over that

Annnd. Welcome back Mitch, have a good holiday?

Cool posters Mystique!! Can't wait to see the Muhammad ones. I just got my PG one I won on ebay, for a substantial amount less then 90

congrats on the PG poster! how much was this one?
Originally Posted by <-Warheart-> View Post
Yes, it was good, thank you.

And just a reminder. I think I will finish the forum jam next Monday, so anyone that still wishes to participate, you have one week.
how many solos have you received thus far?
too much spice, too umm...too many notes!
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