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Mini tour now done!

Well, 7 shows in 8 days (the "7th" one being a private party performance), and I have to say, it was great fun to do this tour first, with my friend and bro, Steve Hoffman, and also our good friends Ron Redeen on drums, and Brian Spaulding on 2nd gtr. We had 4 rehearsals spread over a week's time, (between my residency at National Guitar Workshop SF) and faced a real challenge; how much of this music could we pull off successfully every night?

Well, I am waiting for the video tape and audio to be done from these shows, but can tell you from the reaction of those who attended the shows on this first run of Shredstock 2008, we did it!

My thanks to Ron and Brian, for coming together with Steve and I on this, and recreating the music as we could, and for your commitment throughout to making this a reality! You guys are awesome!

My thanks also go out to Adrian Galysh and Doug and Melissa Doppler, for doing all they could to put this together, and keep it moving on the road, and for playing their hearts out every night! You guys (and gal) are great man!

To those that came out to the shows, on behalf of Steve, Ron, Brian, and I, Thank You! You guys made it happen for us!

To those who missed out, let us know where we can book your town, and we'll get out there to you soon enough!
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