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OK, the Sneap Forum FTP is back!

As before, to access on the web go to:
login: sneapforum
password: sn3apf0rum

I am giving the actual FTP password to JBroll, so if you want to post something, arrange it with him - but he is busy and let's make sure not to overload him with requests. Let's keep it down to stuff that is of potential interest to everyone here, e.g. if you want to upload an mp3 clip or something, just use SoundClick or similar services. However, if you want to post Revalver or Pod XT presets, impulses, DFHS 2.0 templates, drum samples you've made, etc., the FTP is a great place for stuff like that.

Any other forum regulars interested in helping out? There are quite a few of you here I would trust to be cool about this.
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