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Sorry I don't. But I can read it.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Appearances to the contrary, the live rig of Children of Bodom's Alexi Laiho is about as straightforward as they come. "My live rig is pretty much my ESP guitars into a Lee Jackson preamp and a VHT poweramp" he says. "The Hush unit just gives me a little more low end, and the Intellifex splits my preamp signal to both sides of the poweramp. I used to use it for effects, too, but then I figured I didn't need it."
CONTROL ISSUES Laiho's rig is both free of effects and require no switching, aside from turning things on and off, of course. "Alexi just plugs and plays" confirms Neubi, Laiho's guitar tech and tour manager. "The front-of-house guy adds delay to a couple of solos, and that's it."
Laiho doesn't even hit a pickup selector switch; each of his signatures axes has just one pickup, a passive EMG-H4 in the bridge position. "I've never really been into the smooth sound of a neck pickup" says Laiho. "Maybe it's fine for some other kind of music, but for metal I dig the sharp, mean tone of the bridge pickup."
FAVORITE PIECE OF GEAR "My Lee Jackson preamp and the gainboost in my guitars. The preamp sounds great, but it just doesn't give out that much gain. The boost makes up for it." The gain circuit is a copy of a boost Jackson stopped making at the end of the Eighties. "They're impossible to find anywhere" says Laiho. It gives you more bass when the switch is down and more treble when it's up. For Children of Bodom it's always down!"
THE SECRET WEAPON "I don't know if this is a weapon or a secret, but if I'm super hungover before a show, two or tree shots of a good Irish whiskey, like Jameson, will make it all better!"
Do you want me to re-write the things written under each unit?
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