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I was meeting some nice guys from Metz (east of France) in gothic club in Paris. They seen my Katatonia t-shirt and came for talk. We drank some beer and talked about music. At that time I still been sure than Im gonna see my favorite band in Rotterdam.This guys was dreaming about Katatonia gig in Metz.
This mail I got after I came back to Moscow (my home is here, its why my english suxx)



Here is Michel (the guy from Paris who enjoy Katatonia too). I saw the gig yesterday and it was really good ! ! It was a very very small scene so I was really near from Renkse & co…Novembre was great too but I didn’t like so much Opeth. I hope everyhting is Ok for you and that we could drink some beers again very soon…

Take care, life is pain,

Your friend Michel


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