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Billy Idol style chat?

chatting with myself, um...

Rock-hard, Tasteless Food New Culinary Rage in Hungarian Village
If you think the average Hungarian bread roll or sausage is dry and flavorless, that's only because you haven't been to Várdomb-Báta. According to portal, the new culinary sensation in the Tolna County hamlet involves "incredibly lifelike" versions of various familiar food products made from stone.

The adorable little story apparently started when sculptor László Bakó made some stone "foods" for display in the window of the local butcher. It got even more adorable when it was revealed that the local baker, having seen all the excitement at the butcher's, asked Bakó to make him some stone bread. The cuteness then reached critical mass when the baker revealed to the portal that he washes his stone breads and cakes every week with shampoo.

Then again, the baker was probably just being cautious, having heard that, despite all this cuteness, some local residents had reported the butcher to the health authorities, because they thought the stuff was rotten, rather than just made from rock.
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