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Originally Posted by DREAMASTER View Post
I think the idea to just play stuff from recent albums will only damage the band coz in this way they are negleting their fans that have been with band band since the begining.
Damage is relative. I think i'll still keep listening to BS, even if they dont play old songs But nevertheless i would really love it if they would play more of the pre-soul-temptation-era.

Originally Posted by DREAMASTER View Post
Look to Iron Maiden, they play new stuff but keep playing stuff from the early albums. Plus ending a show with new/recent songs is a really anti-climax in show, when ppl would be expecting to hear some classics/early stuff. Just my opinion.
Yeah... what would a Judas Priest Gig be without Breaking the Law?

Every band that is in the business for a long time gets its all time classics they have to play to get out of a concert hall wihtout beeing killed by their fans

Someone told BS is reading the forum "invisible". Why not posting a "hello, yes we're here!"??
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