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Originally Posted by James Murphy View Post
i was speaking more in general terms, there was no "one" price.... just lower budgets in general than would have allowed for less break-neck schedules, at least for a lot of albums. there are obviously notable exceptions that had higher budgets.

Shouldn't the blame for this be shared by Tom Morris as well? By not negotiating and accepting almost every deal that came through Earache and Roadrunner both knew that if they offered such and such dollar amount then the quality (for the time) would be good and would sell to their expectations--I read some where Monte's formula was like 25-50k for 1st album, 100k for the second, etc

I agree that Scott was a pioneer in the early days of the genre, he could do what others wrap their heads around, and make the bands sound they way they wanted when in most cases they didnt know how to achieve that sound themselves--often pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could do--a great story about this scenario is when he recorded Napalm, he pushed them so hard that they almost walked out of the session

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