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Originally Posted by children of COB View Post
^Why do you think it may not have much sense Allu singing again? I mean, Kotipelto has been in each album, and Kim too IIRC. Why would it be weird for Alexi to be back?

Actually Allu singing again would be really cool IMO. Somebody's Watching me is one of my favourite Warmen songs. I'd also like Alexi playing guitar, but in a non-bodomish style, something like he did with the song Solutions on Lauri Porra's solo album. I love that song!
I havent actually heard that song..but I dunno,I loved 'Somebodys..' like I said and I did think Laihos guest vocals were unreal but I guess I just really like Warmen and dont want them to be infiltrated by cob! Still I agree with the guitar possibility tho.That might be quite cool..
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