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Yeah, thats pretty much what I heard too, Imight wait 6 months then download it and see if the patches fixed it. I have a couple friends trying to get their money back from steam as well. Fuck DRM.

As to building a gaming rig: Price-range and performance expectations?

Dual vs Quad Core
9800 vs 260 vs 280
4GB RAM vs+
Overclocking? (if yes: cooling, mobo selection, etc) for example: I bought a 2.6 Ghz Dual Core, because the step up to 3G was large, I can overclock it to 3G quite easily for playing shit like Crysis or what have you.

Do you need new harddrives?
Do you need a new monitor? (if you're doing a massive upgrade: could be)
do you need a new case (does it suck? Do the video cards fit? )
Do you need to buy the OS (or are you capable of pirating and installing Microsuck software yourself?)

Should get you started.
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