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Mercenary - Architect Of Lies

Mercenary – Architect Of Lies
Century Media Records, Ltd – 2008
By Axemaiden

Architect Of Lies is the latest release from Danish band Mercenary. Although the band are usually cited as being a huge force within the ‘melodic death metal’ category, this newest offering seems to draw a great deal more inspiration from the band’s power and thrash metal roots than in many of the previous albums, and does seem to represent the group moving in a slightly different and new musical direction than can be found in some of the earlier offerings.

Architect Of Lies is a feast of sound; with the power, thrash and death metal influences seamlessly interweaving in such a way so as to make it difficult to decide which element of the music to focus on when initially listening to it. It is pleasing to hear so many different genres of music being paid homage to with so much skill, whilst still retaining the band’s unique and integral sound. Some of the best songs on the album which portray this include ‘Bloodsong’, ‘This Black And Endless Never’ and ‘The Endless Fall’, though to be honest there are very few seriously weak songs to be heard. Although Architect of Lies is not my favourite Mercenary album, it is certainly worth owning, whether you’re already a fan, or new to the band itself.

Official Mercenary Website
Official Mercenary Myspace
Official Century Media Records Website

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