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A message from:
Jason Stevens

To all my friends and fans of Dendura,
Dendura is on an exciting and difficult journey; a journey where soul
searching is required and utmost dedication is expected. For those of you
that do not know yet, My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer and it
would be impossible for me to give Dendura the dedication that they need
from a bass player right now and it would be even more unfair to my wife and
family to be touring and be gone while she fights cancer alone. My journey
with Dendura has ended on good and friendly terms. I wish my friends Aziza,
Steve, Paul and Justin the very best. As well as my friend Mike please take
good care of them on the road. I am where I am needed the most. And I thank
all of the fans of Dendura for their support and understanding, I will miss
you all.

Jason Stevens

with this news, we are indeed looking for a new bassist. All inquiries please email our manager Mike Markle at :::::
Working on new album with Grammy Award Winning Producer Neil Kernon (album due out in 2009)
for fans of Nevermore, After Forever, Queensryche, Orphaned Land
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