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Hello all, here's Astrid speaking to you from Threshold heaven. I think it will take a while before I'm landing back on earth, but by that time I will have 500 pictures edited, promise! I'm not putting them all up ofcourse, so don't worry The Bochum gig was absolutely brilliant and it looked like the band was having a wonderful time. I have to admit I wasn't too impressed with Poverty's No Crime (sorry FG!), I think they could do with a better singer, sorry guys!! I believe Threshold's setlist was about the same as in Zoetermeer, but they may have skipped one or two songs. The audience was quite loud, some amazing singers in there!!
I just want to thank the band again for treating me like family and for writing such nice things in my photoalbum (5 kisses from Johanne, woo-hoo!). Thanks a million!!
Photos will follow soon (Zoetermeer and Bochum).

xx Astrid
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