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Originally Posted by Taotrac View Post
I personally liked The Blue just as much as Materia (although the muddy production really did bother me)....I was way more dissapointed that the front cover didn't have that 'carved' design (you know, like if you where to feel the cardboard cover, it'd feel bumpy and ridged, which gives the image a kinda 3-d feel...idk how to describe it...some cardboard covers do it) and it woulda made that cover pimp.

But yeah I honestly hope they have more "materia" ish songs this time. I liked the blue, but some songs were boring. I loved Anaemia, Sound Odyssey, and Argentic though. But after Materia, I just don't like Novembre's songs that have alot of growling. Personally, the heavy progessive sound with short, crisp, epic growled parts at the end is the perfect sound. (Aquamarine, Materia, Croma). They don't have to do a whole albulm like that, personally, even Materia gets boring halfway through. But some songs like The Blue, and some songs like Materia, would be great enough to satisfy me. Or who knows, maybe they'll try something brand new. (If they do, I hope they try some 'newer' music trends, and not try to go back to their really old stuff....Opeth recently incorperated break down-ish parts at times, dual growls at times, and sound effects, and it all worked great for them...maybe a few modern influences wouldn't hurt Novembre.)
I can only hope they're laughing at your comment and doing some heavy popsynth stuff, with lots of epic hair metal & cow bell!!

Nah, seriously, I would love something new as well, but continuing with their old roots, but I'm not positively thinking that it's going to happen as the last 2 albums show what their evolution is being like. If they continued where they left off in arte novecento, with a modern sound to it would be great. I think that even WICDIA with a modern sound to it, would probably blast a few heads off!


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