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MDB Update 'For Lies I Sire'

U.K. godfathers of doom MY DYING BRIDE will release their new album, "For Lies I Sire", on March 23 via Peaceville Records. The follow-up to 2006's "A Line of Deathless Kings" was recorded with longtime producer Mags.

Check out the cover artwork below.

"For Lies I Sire" track listing:

Fall With Me
My Body, A Funeral
The Lies I Sire
Bring Me Victory
Echoes From A Hollow Soul
Santuario Di Sangue
A Chapter in Loathing
Death Triumphant

In a recent interview with Blissfulviolet of Beyond The Dark Horizon, MY DYING BRIDE vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe stated about the band's upcoming ninth studio album, "Naturally, we think it's our best work to date and has a sort of 'new-meets-old' sound; the violins giving a nod to our past and the new riffs and vocals showing the way forward. It is quite possibly the most depressing thing we've created to date, and all the more wonderful for it.

Asked how he feels the new CD differs from MY DYING BRIDE's last studio album, "A Line of Deathless Kings", Aaron replied, "Would you believe it, it's even darker? I've pushed the vocals further, finding more melodies, as have the guitars, and, of course, the violin has added a deep range of feeling. It's quite a fresh, melodic sound despite being utterly despondent.
" - Blabbermouth
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