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burzum - hvis lyset tar oss, filosofem
mayhem - de mysteriis dom sathanas, ordo ad chao
darkthrone - uafm, abitns, transylvanian hunger
dso - smrc, kenose, splits post-smrc, fas
negura bunget - n crugu bradului (not sure if I spelled that right off the top of my head), om (certain parts are certainly dark)
velvet cacoon - genevieve, dextronaut
xasthur - a gate through bloodstained mirrors, suicide in dark serenity
leviathan - the tenth sublevel of suicide, massive conspiracy against all life, tentacles of whorror
lurker of challice - lurker of challice
twilight - twilight
austere - withering illusions and desolation
darkspace - dark space iii
coldworld - melancholie2
mgla - groza
nyktalgia - nyktaliga, peisithanatos
the ruins of beverast - rain upon the impure
s.v.e.s.t. - urfaust
taake - nattestid ser porten vid, over bjoergvin graater himmerik, taake
thorns - 1989-91 rehearsals, thorns
vinterland - welcome my last chapter
weakling - dead as dreams
code - neurotransmissions, nouveau gloaming

thats just from my ipod alone..note that all of those albums convey a dark atmosphere in different ways to me. for example, "massive conspiracy against all life" (leviathan) and "ordo ad chao" (mayhem) convey darkness to me by way of their production values and how the music is allowed to slither around the mix. "fas..." on the other hand, the darkness is conveyed in the aggression that runs into the ambient sections all while mikko is doing his trademark whisper-grunt over top. I'm awaiting some flaming for some of my choices (like weakling or velvet cacoon) but fuck it
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