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Originally Posted by NicholasDWolfwood View Post
burzum - hvis lyset tar oss, filosofem
mayhem - de mysteriis dom sathanas, ordo ad chao
darkthrone - uafm, abitns, transylvanian hunger
dso - smrc, kenose, splits post-smrc, fas
negura bunget - n crugu bradului (not sure if I spelled that right off the top of my head), om (certain parts are certainly dark)
velvet cacoon - genevieve, dextronaut
xasthur - a gate through bloodstained mirrors, suicide in dark serenity
leviathan - the tenth sublevel of suicide, massive conspiracy against all life, tentacles of whorror
lurker of challice - lurker of challice
twilight - twilight
austere - withering illusions and desolation
darkspace - dark space iii
coldworld - melancholie2
mgla - groza
nyktalgia - nyktaliga, peisithanatos
the ruins of beverast - rain upon the impure
s.v.e.s.t. - urfaust
taake - nattestid ser porten vid, over bjoergvin graater himmerik, taake
thorns - 1989-91 rehearsals, thorns
vinterland - welcome my last chapter
weakling - dead as dreams
code - neurotransmissions, nouveau gloaming
wow, ive only heard like 5 bands off that list lol. better check some out!
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