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Originally Posted by JenniferLynn View Post
Hey Jagra - I'm a HUGE Kamelot fan too!!! Have you checked out Pagan's Mind?? Kamelot, Circus Maximus and Pagan's Mind are like my TOP 3, followed by Pathosray...

The more here the better!!!
I haven`t heard a lot from Pagan`s Mind or Pathosray but I will definately give them a listen in the future.
Have any of you guys heard of a couple of Aussie bands in Black Majesty and Vanishing Point.
We don`t have too many bands that play prog/metal here but these two bands are pretty good.

It would be awesome to see Vanishing Point and Black Majesty as openers for Circus Maximus and Kamelot here in Australia, come on guys, escape the cold northern winter for a tour down under in summer.
We have beautiful beaches filled with beautiful women, nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summers day when your not playing, did I mention the beautiful women!!!
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