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Originally Posted by Dandelium View Post
Yeah, I agree

Thanks mate. I suppose I am ranting a bit, but it's only because this is the best site on the web, (apart from youjizz), and I am very lucky to have learnt a lot from Andy and everyone here. As you can tell, I love the brutal stuff and some old school stuff, and when I stumbled across Ultimate Metal, I thought it would be full of the brutal stuff. Sadly it is not. It's like I'm missing something, as though I have met this really grouse chick, but she's just not into giving head! I don't want to hear any more KSE sounding songs and mixes, I want to hear tougher, more brutal shit, Eric Rutan sounding mixes etc. Even more Exodus sounding stuff would be sufficient.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, I want to get a shot away in her mouth!
Am I wanting to much?
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