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Actually about working together, I would like to know what's going on, because many of us asume that they don't want to do stuff together but then Kim keeps writing lyrics for Bodom albums (or so they say). Can that be a contract thing? Is it that there is no bad blood between them and that new Sinergy truly doesn't come out because of a lack of time to put their schedules together? What the fuck happens? Also, seeing as how Kimberly used to be quite ambitious (dropped Dimmu to get her own band and become somehow big in music business, got a huge lineup for Sinergy [Alexi, Roope, Lauri Porra...], etc) I always thought that, Sinergy or not, she'd do something more, but there's no news about her.
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i never quite understood why everyone starts hating these kinds of bands when they stop sucking yngwie cock.
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When attempting to express a point in an elaborate manner it should be flowing and quick to read, now excuse me while I go clean my monocle and buy a tophat.
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