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Originally Posted by matt2006 View Post
1. Pain of Salvation- BE (masterpiece in every way, shape and form. Static position- will never move down.)
2. Dream Theater- Scenes From a Memory (never listen to it anymore but listened to it daily for a few years; pretty much directly responsible for most things i listen to now)
------------------------------------ (those two are always staying there, the rest are jus off the top of my head)
3. UneXpect- In a Flesh Aquarium
4. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum- of Natural History
5. Ayreon- The Human Equation
6. Yes- Over the Edge
7. Protest the Hero- Kezia
8. Mr. Bungle- all three
9.Opeth- Morningrise
10. Rhapsody- Symphony of Enchanted Lands 2: The Dark Secret
Thats a great list!!
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