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Originally Posted by Covet Chaos View Post
Dont drum trigger. Just record the drums with more chlarity. What did you use to record the drums? I use a Shure SM57 for the snare, AKG D112 for the kick and two behringer C1s for the drums and it comes out so well.
We used a bunch of vocal mics... Sennheisers I think. Except the kick drum, that was done with a proper kick drum mic. We did them all in a 3-hour practice session using a fostex 8-track which can only record four tracks simultaneously... Given that the kick and the snare both obviously required a track each, we had to route the overheads and the toms through a mixing desk and record them as a stereo pair onto the remaining two tracks, which isn't ideal. Unfortunately the toms were a bit too quiet in that stereo mix compared to the overheads, which was difficult to compensate for when mixing... there's a chunk about it in the first half of the youtube documentary...

But still, it was the first time I've ever recorded drums... I'm considering different options for next time. In my previous band I recorded quite a few times over the last decade, and for the recording we're just finishing-up as our swansong (which is a 22-minute prog epic about a voyage to the Antarctic) we're triggering the drums and it sounds so much more pro than any of our other recordings that it makes me want to use triggers and clicktracks and get that 'fuck, I could have bought CD that in a shop' Andy Sneap kind of sound for Thrashist Regime... another option is to get a guy who knows how to mic up a kit really well involved and do it the traditional way but it would have to sound really good... I'm not sure which approach to go for.
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