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I never took time to introduce myself again since the new forum was created... So here it is. I'm still Valhall I'm 26, and I live in France. There aren't many interesting things I can say about myself, except I love music ! I'm part of the Your Majesty staff (french official DT fan-club), I write reviews for the Music Waves website, and I just love live shows ! I only saw CM once, in Paris last year, but I think everyone agrees that it was a memorable gig with Symphony X ! When you all came back on stage with Dreamscape during SX's encore, it was fucking beautiful ! By the way, I bumped into you in the pit Mike, like right after the CM set, don't know if you remember it...

Anyway, here you go people. If you have any questions, fire away ! I just have two things to say :

-Where the hell is Fuckernando ? Does anyone here remember that crazy bastard ?
-Jenn, I just wanted to tell you I'm really sorry... I will miss him too (I guess I don't have to explain).
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