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Update, last years festival thoughts, future etc.

Hi gang--
I know it has been a long time since I have posted, but i wanted to give everybody a quick update-- Mrs. Dave and I had our first child on July 15th (John Bonham's birthday!), and it has been a total thrill that I can't adequately describe.

I am glad that we did not decide to do the festival this year. From reading the posts from other festivals going bankrupt, losing bands, or losing their ass, I would have been in the same position this year. I am finally back with gainful employment for the first time since the end of 2006, starting to get my feet back again.

Im glad to see that Enchant has finally been added to the ProgPower bill. Obviously Enchant has been one of the key bands behind my efforts over the past few years, and one of the reasons the festival was started. Im hoping that we all get to see more music out of them in the future.

Im also pleased to see that Crimson Glory is headlining ProgPower. I really felt they delivered a killer show in 2007, and Im glad to see they are back. Its also nice that Danae and Jon met at the show and developed a life-long relationship. I was a big Midnight fan, and was one of the few who shelled out $50 a few years ago to get the CD which was never finished-- I hope this sees the light of day at some point, and I wish his family and friends peace in their journey seeing him move on to the next life.

I wanted to quickly share some of what was happening this year in my efforts to get the festival together. Obviously, I was trying to get Angra back here. I was in communication with them directly with the band trying to get things resolved to have them swing through here on the way to Japan, but since their tour did not materialize, it became too difficult to do.. Pain of Salvation was a strong possiblity, but obviously, we saw what happened with them and ProgNation. Epica was also considered, but the cost of a one-off with them was too expensive. These were some of the bands that we looked at, among many others- Obviously, LTE was hard to top, so I had my sights set pretty high to really try to grow this festival to the next level. We looked at larger venues, increased TV exposure and all angles to try to make this work. I really decided that if we couldn't do it right, I didn't want to do it at all. I don't regret my decision at all.

Now for the future-- I really do hope to do this next year. It really depends on the right circumstances coming together. I have a few headliner ideas in mind that will change the direction of the festival somewhat that we may undertake. The key to this all is that we don't want to do something that repeats formulas of other festivals in the US. If we can't create something unique out here, then I really don't want to do something as a festival under Bay Area Rock Fest==the bar has already been set too high.

Please let me know any thoughts you have--
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