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Hello everyone. I actually have a HORUS HGS in Pro. Black with ebony fingerboard for sale if anyone is interested. its a 2008, set up in B standard straight from guitar asylum 3 weeks ago. I decided i want to go with an angelus model, since ill never use the 27 frets or the whammy bar (being im almost entirely rhythm oriented), so im looking for a buyer, since they wont accept returns past 24 hours. comes with the original case, case candy and dead mint. Ill even ship it for free! obviously retails for $2200 USD from them, but ill entertain much more modest offers...I know none of us are made of money right?

this guitar is phenominal, sounds like a cross between how jackson USA did in the early 90s, and how ibanez custom or prestige model sounds at its best. thick, chunky, but the leads cut through and sing like a dream. Private message me, here is a picture of it:

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