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I first heard of him when the July single was released. He's a phenomenal musician. Only problem is that most of his music is ridiculously difficult to find. As Alcapoth mentioned, it's true; he does give his music away for free. I actually emailed him once inquiring about buying Songs From The Silent Years (the cd, not a digital copy), and he was nice enough to send me the album in the mail, without even asking for payment. So I can personally attest to the fact that he's an incredible musician and person.

Along with Songs From The Silent Years, I would also recommend checking out Return To Forever, by Seba. Seba is a drum and bass musician from Sweden and Krister Linder contributed to the song Blaze & Fade Out, found on this album. You can listen to it on Krister's myspace page ( It's probably my favorite song with him in it, so I'd definately suggest you check it out if you haven't already.

I can't wait to hear what he does on Night Is The New Day!
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