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Originally Posted by Dakryn View Post
The problem is that due to whatever agenda may be present, very often key "angles" are left out of easily available information. Most people will not dig deeper than a headline or soundbite for the current event information they receive, and the internet has only reinforced this.

This makes it quite easy to control what information people have to process by placing the desired "angle" in the most easy to read place, accompanied with maybe a short video clip or equivalent "flashing light" level attractor.

When this is practiced by every, or at leas the majority of "accepted" media outlets, critical thinking is bypassed, or if used, can only come to the same conclusion based off the limited angles available.

You cannot make a correct, informed decision when you don't have all of the information.
So true. I remember watching EuroNews back in 2006 when Israeli were striking Lebanon, the camera was showing just ambulances and people saving victims, i turned the next channel, Al-Jazeera, and they were filming the same scene, but in a lower height level, they were showing the brutality of the Israeli army and how people were suffering, others crying and so on.
Another example is, the news about Ardi, the creature that is older than Lucy by 1 million year or something, in Al Jazeera and CNN (I think, not sure tho) they said that scientists now reject the idea of human evolved from apes, and other sources say the contrary... which part are you going to believe? Everyone hears what they want to hear and don't need any critical and elaborated thoughts to make a judgment.
What does this lead to? Cultural wars !! and it's more than what these words mean, believe me guys, i'm living in the fucking middle of this !! I have four sights, two of each two main cultures, bad and good sights of each and you have no idea how fucked up things seem in my standing point....
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